Getting school back up and running quickly and safely 

When the green light is given to reopen schools, whenever that may be, your staff will be under pressure yet again to plan the safe reopening and reintroduction of in-person learning under the latest restrictions. Kura are making sure school transport doesn’t add to that burden. 

Kura has been busy this year providing a much-relied-upon dedicated transport service for the children of key workers at many of our school customers throughout lockdown.  

Kura and Abacus Belsize Primary School 

Since September 2019 Kura have been in partnership with Abacus Belsize Primary School, carrying over 200 students safely to and from school during normal term time and supporting the school in its commitment to remaining a car free, walking school.  

The pandemic has caused disruption to normal school life, however, the school has committed to remaining open for the children of key workers and those with special needs and the Kura home to school service remains available for those who need it. Kura teams have put in place strict processes to match those in place at the school to ensure the safety of children and staff as well as offering the ability to flex service capacity to meet demand at short notice. 

Abacus Belsize Headteacher, Vicki Briody says:

The measures Kura have put in place ensure our parents and students are reassured of their safety on the journey to and from school, allowing us to keep offering a much -relied-upon service for the children of key workers throughout the Lockdown.

It also gives school staff and parents the confidence of knowing the service can resume for all students when we give the go-ahead to reopen the school more widely. They have been truly helpful, resourceful and professional in ensuring we can offer the best service to our children. Working with Kura in this way has taken a lot of the day to day running of our school bus service off our admin team also. 

It is vital that the partners we choose complement the Abacus Belsize values and ethos, our three Cs of Curriculum, Community and Communication. We are pleased to have found this in Kura and their commitment to keeping cars away from the school run and promoting clear communication to parents and school staff.” 

 Single School & Tech Only options 

As a result of the continued COVID infection risk, we’re in talks with many schools currently sharing transport interested in moving to “single school” solution. With our nationwide network of hundreds of the best local operators, Kura has immediate access to a comprehensive vehicle range and size to fit any requirement. 

If you’re happy with your current transport supplier, but want better performance dataKura’s leadingedge technology is now available for the first time this year as a standalone option, overlaying your existing operation to provide insight and added safeguarding.  

Free consultation available 

Kura is offering free 20-minute virtual consultations with its Customer Success team to help identify areas where your school transport could work harder to support your admissions strategy and serve next year’s intake.  

After the consultation, you will receive a 1-page summary with practical actions that you can immediately implement to: 

  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness of your school run transport operation 
  • Bolster positive effect of your transport service on new potential admissions 

Head on over to our contact us page to claim your consultation or request a demo.

Help Kura make the school run safer, greener and smarter.