Kura, the UK’s largest Home to School transport management and technology provider, has become the first business of its kind to integrate its software with Wonde, the school data and integration solution used by more than 20,000 UK schools.

The integration, along with Kura’s in-App booking capability, will greatly simplify the implementation and onboarding of schools using Kura, with Wonde providing a live link between their chosen Management Information Systems (MIS) provider and the Kura app database.

Furthermore, schools using Kura will now save a significant amount of time on administration, initial set-up and ongoing maintenance – meaning it has never been easier for schools to improve the management of their school run. Additionally, schools no longer need to download the data from their MIS system and upload to Kura – a process that leads to data becoming out of date as soon as a change is made via the MIS system.

Shaun Gabriel, Chief Technology Officer at Kura, says: “I am excited at another first for Kura and the prospect of reduced admin for schools and increased accuracy, resulting in an improved customer experience. Following principles of Lean, this is about reducing wastage in the pursuit of perfection. Parents and students can now expect a much better, more streamlined experience, as can schools.”

Jon Coleman, Co-Founder and COO at Wonde, says, “Wonde understands the importance of accurate, timely data especially when it comes to providing support and continuity in the provision of travel to and from schools. Kura’s ability to offer a streamlined service that reduces the administrative impact for schools while enhancing the student and parent experience is an exciting step forward. Wonde are delighted to be able to support Kura with the implementation of these improvements.”

Wonde integrates with the leading MIS providers, including SIMS, iSAMS, Arbor and Furlong, meaning schools using these services can simply grant Kura access via Wonde to tie-up with user data (parent/guardian, student, and the relationship between) whilst maintaining full control of the master data source.

Data only has to be maintained in the school’s MIS system, with Wonde providing automatic sync of data every 24 hours, ensuring the Kura system reflects the most up-to-date changes and additions so ensuring any amendments don’t have to be made twice.

About Wonde

Wonde is a leading provider of cloud-based school data management that connects educators and pupils with learning applications and classroom tools in a simple and secure way. This ensures learning is supported and enhanced while data is kept accurate and accessible.

Schools across the World are embracing enhanced connectivity using Wondes’ technology. With a simple single login, the system enables schools to take full control over the management of their data which is protected and updated automatically by Wonde, thereby saving time and reducing potential mistakes.

The innovative system enables school administrators to work with total confidence in the security and reliability of the system, while Applications can be kept up-to-date with all the latest changes made within the MIS. For teachers and pupils, they can focus on embracing their learning journey through Applications, with independence and enthusiasm.