The school run is a recurring pain point for pupils and parents alike and has long been crying out for a refresh. A quarter of traffic on the roads during rush hour is now due to the school run, creating a clear target for improving air quality and tackling congestion.

Kura recently conducted a nationally representative survey into 250 decision-makers across UK state schools, independent schools, academies and Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs). Insights from this survey have also been supplemented with data from Kura’s Green School Run Guide 2020, a survey of 1,000 UK parents with school-age children, and turned into a definitive report on the state of technology investment in UK education today, especially regarding school transport.

The findings reveal that technology is key to providing a safer, greener smarter school transport operation in 2021 and beyond:

The return to school post lockdown has seen parents resorting to old habits

Due to increased car usage, a third of respondents (32.8%) believe the level of traffic around their school each day is a safety risk.

A minority of schools have invested in technology to improve school transport over last 10 years

Despite 40% of schools believing technology is the key to running the school more efficiently, less than a quarter (22.8%) have invested in tech to manage school transport over the last decade.

More are planning to transform the school run through investing in technology over the next few years

Nearly one in four (38%) of schools (and 48% of MATs) reported they plan to invest in upgrading technology across all areas, including school transport, within the next five years.

A well-run, technology-driven school transport operation benefits all key stakeholders

Over half (55%) of parents with children at independent schools expressed a need for the school run to be made easier and less stressful. One in six (16.8%) report that staff at school spend 11 hours or more managing the school run every week.

Environmental action plans must be prioritised post COVID

53% of parents report they would like their child’s school to be as green and environmentally friendly as possible, a view shared by 49% of students.

Transport is now a differentiator

Those innovative schools that invest in technology going forward will help encourage parents to choose a more sustainable, and convenient mode of transport for their child, and differentiate themselves from rivals. All stakeholders from pupils, parents and school management to local communities, now expect a safer, greener, smarter school run, with technology at its heart.

Take action today or get left behind!

To read the insight and recommendations within the full 20 page report on “Investing In Technology For School Transport 2021”, please click here