Stowe, a leading independent school near Buckingham, has subscribed to Kura’s proprietary transport software on a three-year contract.

Through use of Kura software, Stowe has successfully improved control of their school transport operation, both for the school run and ad hoc trips. Historically, like many schools, Stowe School has been managing their four routes everyday using a combination of simple spreadsheets, manual driver tick sheets and driver/staff personal mobile phones. Kura software has enabled full transparency for the school, parents, and students, supporting Stowe in meeting their own strict safeguarding rules and improving the home to school transport experience.

Dave Smith, Transport Manager of Stowe School, is delighted with the benefits of Kura software:
Being new to the role, the Kura app helped me plan the routes and then add the pupils and timings to each one. The Kura software allows us to monitor the drivers for pick up and drop off times, which leads to a greater consistency in performance across the term.”

The Kura app has also helped create many efficiencies for the school, especially regarding time saved by staff managing the school run. Dave Smith explains further: “Through using the Kura app, we can monitor the transport system out of hours, both morning and evening, and can quickly and easily contact the operator or parents if any issues arise.”

Kura is also able to support Stowe in achieving their carbon neutral strategy, via an innovative carbon offset programme that allows the school to offset the unavoidable emissions generated on their journeys whilst supporting projects in the developing world that improve lives as well as removing carbon from the atmosphere.

Stowe School is now looking to build upon the value the Kura software has already proven by introducing the technology to other schools within the Stowe Group, including Winchester House and Swanbourne House, at the start of the new September 2022 term.

About Kura
Kura’s purpose is to enable safer, greener, smarter travel for all schools and businesses. Combining innovative proprietary technology with the best vehicle operators nationwide, Kura enables organisations to maximise the safety, wellbeing, and productivity of their students, customers and staff, whilst driving down transport costs and CO2 emissions.