Kura is set to offer customers an even greater level of safeguarding with the ability to add tags to passenger profiles on its app.

Schoolchildren and vulnerable workers already travel safely thanks to Kura’s safeguarding software:

  • Parents are reassured students have arrived safely by receiving alerts via an app when there are delays or issues on route.
  • Employers can provide service tracking to employees and all journeys are tracked to support fulfilling their duty of care.

Now, school transport safeguarding will be enhanced with tags assigned to passenger profiles, so drivers or chaperones are aware of any specific needs.

Kura’s tagging feature is among the steady flow of new features added to our safeguarding software to enhance the user experience and make transport safer, greener and smarter.

While there is existing passenger information on the Kura portal, predefined tags on Kura’s app will ensure drivers have the information they need to assist schools with safeguarding and help employers fulfil their duty of care. Drivers will see an icon against each passenger’s name, and schools or businesses can communicate with drivers in advance by adding tags to an existing pupil or employee profile.

Tags include “Attention”, which alerts the driver there is more information about a passenger contained in the notes, whether that be a child or vulnerable adult. It could be the passenger must meet a specific person, something that is key for organisations needing vulnerable passenger transport. Other tags include “Visitor”, or “Chaperone”, where this person is a chaperone or buddy, or “Must be Met”, informing the driver this person must be accompanied to and collected from a vehicle.

Parents and families of the most vulnerable – whether they are more susceptible to harm due to age, disability or illness – have greater peace of mind with Kura’s improved app technology.

Should passengers need to make their own way home, say for example following a long traffic delay, a driver seeing a “Must be Met” tag would know a passenger should not be released to make their own way home. They can then contact the 24/7 Kura control centre via the app when safe to do so who would arrange for the passenger’s designated guardian to collect them, ensuring the passenger is never left unaccompanied.

Admin can add tags to safeguard students with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), something we believe will benefit our special needs school customers and those traveling to and from care centres. While it offers added peace of mind for all passengers, the tags are especially important for those who have a specific need or are differently abled where this is not immediately obvious – providing important information to those who need it without compromising the data of individuals.

By adding this new tag feature, Kura’s technology can enable your school or business to offer better student and employee care, ensuring the safety and well-being of your people on shared transport journeys.

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