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Demo school Booking Terms

Route Pricing

Coach bookings are prioritised for daily users (5 days a week) of the coach service either for a single journey (am or pm) or a return journey. All coach bookings are eligible for use of the late service at no extra cost. It is possible to book for a different stop and/or route on different days to suit family requirement, capacity permitting.

For the small number of parents who don’t wish to reserve a daily place we offer places at a pro-rated cost, once spaces on the relevant routes have been confirmed. This is a secondary booking process once the regular users are all confirmed. The Bursary will confirm the relevant charge. There is no guarantee that this service will be available and regular bookings will always take precedence over pro-rated bookings.

UPDATE: COVID 19 supplement

We have to assume that some form of social distancing requirements will remain in place in September, though it obviously remains unclear how precisely these will evolve. Compliance with current government regulations would roughly double the average cost per passenger, because every other seat would need to remain empty. In order that parents may plan with certainty, the school proposes to charge a “Covid 19 Supplement”, but only for as long as coach capacity is limited by government social distancing measures. For Michaelmas Term, this supplement will be set as 50% of the normal transport charge, which has the effect of sharing the additional costs between parents and the school. The Covid 19 Supplement will be calculated and charged retrospectively, and only for as long as, and to the extent that, social distancing restrictions are in place.

Cancellation Policy

The school requires half a term’s notice for cancellation by users. This notice must be provided to the Bursary ([email protected])

The School reserves the right to cancel any serviced route with reasonable notice (a term’s notice is deemed sufficient) if the route becomes unviable or numbers fall below certain levels.

Ad Hoc Journey Policy

Students wishing to bring a friend home who is not a registered coach user may do so if a space is available on the service. Parents must check with Kura by at least 24 hours in advance that a space is available. The visiting student will be logged onto the bus by the driver when s/he boards the service. A charge is payable for this journey and the parent(s) of the student who is travelling on the ad hoc basis will be billed for this. Therefore, it is important that this arrangement is communicated and agreed by both parties beforehand.

Regular coach users who wish to make an ad hoc booking for a journey they would not normally take (e.g. an afternoon journey for a morning only customer) may do so via the Kura app. A charge will be applied for this journey.

Non-coach users or regular customers who wish to make ad hoc bookings for a period of time to assist with a temporary change in family circumstances are able to do so via the Kura app. The app will only allow a booking if there is capacity on the service. There will be a charge for this service.

Records will be reviewed regularly by Kura and the school, and where students are making journeys for which they have not registered/paid, the Bursary will follow up with a request a) for payment and b) for clarification about future use patterns.

Special Conditions

Demo school staff may be given permission to use the coach service, but only by the agreement of Ann Massey and where capacity is regularly available on the relevant route.