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Service Maps

2023/24 Map

Map of Eltham College Home to School Routes

Eltham College Coach Services are proudly provided by Kura.

Below you’ll find information for parents and students including routes, timetables, how to book and contact details for our support team.

2023/24 Timetables

Routes Destinations AM Timetable PM Timetable


West Dulwich/Beckenham View as PDF View as PDF


Blackheath A View as PDF View as PDF


Blackheath B View as PDF View as PDF


Blackheath C View as PDF View as PDF


West Wickham/Bromley View as PDF View as PDF


Farnborough View as PDF View as PDF


Isle of Dogs View as PDF View as PDF


Orpington View as PDF View as PDF


Surrey Quays/Greenwich View as PDF View as PDF


North Greenwich View as PDF View as PDF

The late routes will run on a scheduled service to key bus stops across the Eltham College Coach network. Users of the Isle of Dogs and Surrey Quays/Greenwich routes are encouraged to take the Blackheath D late route to Greenwich Station.

Late Route bookings are subject to availability and secured on a first come first served basis. Students using this service on an ad-hoc basis will be invoiced directly by the college. Bookings can be placed free of charge for students who have annual PM bookings. Currently you do NOT have to cancel your PM booking, simply create an additional booking on the required Late Route.

Routes Destinations Late Timetable


Beckenham/Dulwich View as PDF


Blackheath D View as PDF


Bromley View as PDF


Farnborough/Orpington View as PDF


Isle of Dogs View as PDF

Service FAQs

Do I have to inform the school that my child will be using Kura’s ‘Home to School’ Service?

Once your child is registered with Kura (please see the Kura Leaflet, below, for details on how to do this) the school will receive a notification that your child will be taking the coach from September 2023.

On what date does the coach service start?

The service will commence on Monday 4th September 2023.

Will my child have a coach pass from their first day?

School photographs are taken of new students on the first full day of school. These are used for their coach passes, which are issued during the first week.  The coach company will accept pupils without a coach pass for the first week and will manually log details of your child onto their coach until their pass arrives. Following this, all students must tap their cards on to board any Kura coach service.

As the coaches disembark at the Senior School car park, how will my child get to the Junior School in the mornings?

For the first week of the new school year, members of staff are ready to greet Junior School pupils at the Senior School.  Thereafter, your child will make their own way to the Junior School along the path with other coach friends.

How does my child get to the coach after school?

All of the Year 3 pupils and, pupils who are new to the coach service, meet Ms Livett after school. Her role is to ensure they get onto their correct coach and that they have their seat belts fastened.

During the summer term, Year 3 pupils are allowed and encouraged to find their own way onto their coaches whilst Ms Livett still shadows the pupils and checks that they are on the right coach and have their seat belt fastened. Just before the end of the school year, they will take the Coach Readiness Quiz to make sure they are aware of all points they will have to remember when making their own journey to their afternoon coach in Year 4.

All other year groups will make their own way to the Senior School car park.

What happens if my child attends clubs after school or sports fixtures etc?

There are two sets of coaches that leave school on the homeward journey. The ‘Pm’ coaches that leave at 16:05 and the ‘Late’ coaches that leave at 17:50 for those children that want to attend After School Clubs, After School Care or are on fixtures.

Again, Ms Livett takes the ‘Late’ coach Junior School users down to the Senior School where they pick up their coaches.  Please note that not all the ‘Pm’ routes have a ‘Late’ equivalent so please check this.

On the odd occasion were you have to change your child’s homeward arrangements, for instance they can’t attend their After School Club or they need to attend After School Care, you MUST notify the Junior School Office by email on [email protected] or the Senior School Office on [email protected]

What are the last day of term arrangements?

On the last day of each full term, the arrangements are slightly different. School finishes at noon and there is only one coach service and it is described by Kura as the ‘Pm’ coach, but it leaves school promptly at 12.10pm. You should register your child for the ‘Pm’ service on Kura, arrange for someone to collect them from their stop and make them aware of their going home arrangements. The school endeavours to send out an ElthamPost reminder about this ahead of the end of term.

Can my child carry a mobile phone for any issues that may arise whilst using the coach?

A number of the older children carry mobile phones for the coach journey, however Kura notifies you of any issues that may arise owing to traffic problems etc.

If you feel that you would like your child to carry a mobile for the journey that is fine, but it will be at your own risk. We suggest that Junior School children memorise a contact telephone number. However, in the first instance we advise your child carries your contact details on them – this is just a precautionary measure if the driver’s equipment stops working for any reason and he needs to get in contact with you – this is extremely unusual – but we suggest it in any case.

The coach service is efficient, however on the odd occasion, owing to road works and other issues beyond their control, it is good to establish contact with other parents whose children take the same coach route for such events.

What should my child do if they lose their coach pass?

If Junior School students mislay their coach pass or it stops working they must see Ms Livett who will get another issued. For Senior School students, please have your child visit the School Office to request a new card which will be available to collect on the day. Charges may apply for replacement cards.

How are we performing?

Service Summary Autumn term Sept - Dec 2023

Kura are commited to transparency. We track our performance to make meaningful improvements to our services. We want to be upfront with you about our service performance, below you’ll find data on our key metrics of arrival time to first stop and arrival time to the College in both the AM and PM. Particular attention will always be given to delays that affect the registration period and impact students’ learning day.

Morning First Stop Arrival by route

Morning arrival at College

Afternoon arrival at College

Late Routes - Evening arrival at College

Booking via the App

All bookings for the 2023/24 year should now be made via the app. All bookings are subject to the terms and conditions available here, please ensure you read these T’s and C’s before proceeding.

The booking window for 2023/24 travel will open on Tuesday the 13th of June 2023 and will close on Friday the 30th of July 2023.

Journey type When booked for a full term Ad hoc (prebooked)

Isle of Dogs







All Other Routes







Unexpected travel £10 per journey


* For further information on pricing, please see the terms and conditions.



For assistance on how to use the Kura app please click here to view our video guides.

Need support? Get in touch

To allow us to respond to you efficiently please contact our teams via the email address below, this will raise a ticket in our resolution system so you can track the progress of your query. We will respond to all queries by the end of the next working day.

To allow us to respond to urgent queries quickly, please call during live morning or afternoon service hours only if you need immediate assistance.


We are dedicated to providing the safest, most reliable home to school transport in the UK and our advanced technology helps us to ensure services run on-time, pupils are transported comfortably and safely and parents are kept informed of the vehicles’ and their child(ren)’s progress.

Our Safeguarding Statement is available to view by clicking here

Data Security

Please follow this link to view our agreement with your school. This outlines how and why we use your data in accordance with GDPR.

Start your journey

For existing parents, students or staff. Shortly prior to service commencement, you will receive a Welcome Email with your secure, unique Link code allowing you to access the app.