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Kura believes that everyone can benefit from a safer school run, with cleaner air, improved safeguarding and convenient transportation. That’s why we have decided to offer our software to you for free for 90 days, with no other limits.

This will give you the opportunity to see the benefits for yourself with no obligation to purchase.

So get started now or read on to see how our technology can work for you to deliver safer, greener, smarter transport.

Enhance Safeguarding and mitigate risks

The visibility provided by Kura means you’ll always know where every vehicle is and who is on board. Vehicle tracking is available for school staff and parents of individual students.

By replacing tens of cars on the road with a single vehicle, you can cut congestion and pollution at the school gates to make students safer. All because we believe students should be as safe on the way to school as they are when they’re there.

Reduce administration

Enable bookings and payments via the parent or passenger app to simplify bookings and protect revenue.

Empower students’ parents with the Kura Parent app, giving live location updates and notifications when their child boards or alights, cutting down phone calls and queries.

We're working with thousands of parents, schools and pupils to

Ensure Safeguarding

Reduce Administration

Lower CO2 Emissions

Promote Safer School Gates

Increase New Admissions

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    Join Kura in making school transport safer, greener, smarter.


    Students travel safely with Kura, every day


    Kilos of CO2 savings per school on average vs cars


    Support to meet your goals


    Passengers carried annually

    Dedicated to the environment


    How does the trial work?

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    You will receive a guided set-up process with oversight from one of our Customer Success Managers with full access to the Kura software. You can choose to implement all or part of the software to best suit your needs. You will receive a Welcome email followed by an invitation to a kickoff session and then your login details, following this session you can choose to discover the software yourself with our bite-sized video guides.

    Will I be charged after my trial?

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    The trial is completely free but limited to 90 days. After the 90 day period you can choose to continue on one of our paid plans or let the trial expire. We do not require billing details to access the trial and will not auto-charge you.

    What's included in the trial?

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    You will have access to the full Kura Software Customer feature set.

    How will you secure my data?

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    You remain in control of your data. The data processed by the Kura system is in line with UK GDPR and data protection laws and subject to our data protection policy, available here. Any data held on the driver app is wiped as soon as the journey ends. At the end of the trial and should the customer wish to discontinue use of the Kura software any data within the account will be deleted within 7 days.

    What will I need for the trial?

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    You will need some knowledge of your routes, passengers and drivers to begin loading into the system. If you choose to use the NFC/RFID boarding feature (rather than manual boarding) drivers will need devices that can facilitate this (most modern smartphones) as well as NFC/RFID cards or fobs (these can be provided on request for a nominal fee).

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