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King’s House School Bus Service Terms and Conditions

Use of the Service

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Please note that in order to use the School Bus Service, your son is required to use the service for a minimum of 3 days per week. On some occasions, however, a service may be undersubscribed and the School may allow less frequent use. Please contact the School if your son wishes to use the service on a less frequent basis.

We agree and understand that:

  • It is our responsibility to deliver our son in good time to the designated bus stop before the departure time on each applicable morning during term time and to ensure we or a responsible adult are at the stop in good time to collect him each afternoon. We will inform our son who will be collecting him, if it is not us.
  • If our son is not at the designated bus stop at the departure time, the bus will not wait for him and the bus will not stop to pick up our son except at a designated bus stop.
  • We will explain to our son that he must be polite to the bus driver and must behave well at all times whilst on the bus. We understand that the school rules will apply while our son is travelling on the school bus service.
  • We will explain to our son that he must wear a seatbelt on the school bus at all times.
  • If a service is undersubscribed and the school offers a place to our son on a less frequent basis than 3 days per week, we understand that should another pupil wish to use the service for the minimum 3 days per week or more, the school reserves the right to reallocate the place to that pupil.

Cancellation of School Bus Services

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We understand that we must give the School one half term’s written notice of cancellation of our son’s use of the school bus service.

Changing your son’s use of the School Bus Service

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We understand that we must cancel any booked journeys that our son will not be taking e.g. for school trips. Any change to our son’s bus use must be made within 2 hours of the start of the journey.

On any morning when our son is expected, but will not be on the bus e.g. through illness, we will contact Kura as soon as possible that morning.

Payment & Refunds

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We agree, for each academic year, to pay for the school bus service as an ‘extra’ item on each termly invoice. Use of the services will be charged for in arrears.

Refunds of cost of School Bus Services

We agree that the School is not obliged to refund any part of any sum paid by us for the school bus service in respect of any day on which our son does not use the service.

King's House School Bus Service Times

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Pick up and drop off times are approximate and will, of course, depend on traffic.  Please also note that the pick-up times are the times the bus is expected to depart the bus stop, so we recommend your son arrives 5-10 minutes earlier than this to ensure he is ready to catch the bus.

Please note that the School Bus Service leaves at 4.10pm, so on the days boys have Games, they would not be able to use the bus in the afternoon.


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2022/2023 Price per half term
1 day per week mornings £66
afternoons £44
2 days per week mornings  £110
afternoons £88
3 days per week mornings £165
afternoons £132
4 days per week mornings £193
afternoons £154
5 days per week mornings £220
afternoons £182
Adhoc (subject to availability) £8 per journey