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Moon Hall Code of Conduct

Moon Hall School Code of Conduct

Important Information

Transport Charges – All charges for transport will be applied to your billing account at the end of each term in arrears and charged at the prevailing rate. Details of the transport costs can be found on our website. No refund will be due if the bus is late or unable to run due to an event beyond the school’s reasonable control, including (without limitation) acts of God, natural disaster, any form of Government intervention, war, hostilities, rebellion, terrorist, activity, local or national emergency, sabotage or riots, and floods, snow, inclement weather, fires, explosions, or other catastrophes, power shortages and computer viruses.

Please be aware that transport costs will be charged in full, regardless of the number of times the service is used, as you are reserving a seat on the minibus.

Ad-Hoc Bookings – Ad-hoc bookings are subject to availability and Moon Hall School must be informed when one-off journeys are booked.

Absences – On the day of travel, please communicate any absences via the Kura App at least 90 minutes prior to departure time.

Morning Pick Up – All of our buses run to a strict timetable. The timings for each route can be found on our website. Please note that the times stated are departure times, therefore we ask parents to arrive at least 5 minutes before the departure time. We are unable to wait for late pupils.

Afternoon Drop Off – The timings for each route can be found on our website. Please note the times stated are arrival times, therefore we ask parents to arrive at least 5 minutes before the advertised time to ensure that someone is there to meet the pupil. If you are unable to meet with your child(ren) and wish to give consent for them to be dropped off in your absence, please ensure to contact Kura on [email protected]

Medical/Contact – Please ensure that you are updating the parent portal with contact details and any specific medical conditions. Any relevant details will be shared with Kura and our drivers to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of your child(ren).

Health and Safety – All pupils must remain seated, facing forward, always wearing their seat belts, and behave in accordance with the school Behaviour Policy (which can be found on our website).

Mobile Phones – Mobile phones are permitted on the buses but should only be used for games and music (for which headphones should be worn). Phones must not be shared or passed around and must not be used to take photographs or to access any inappropriate images or materials.

Food and Drink – Pupils are only permitted to drink from their own water bottles on the bus (no sharing). No other food or drink can be consumed on the bus unless it has been provided by the school.

Personal Contact Details – To facilitate the transport service, drivers will have access to and retain personal information, including name and telephone contact details on the school issued handsets. Drivers will only use this information to contact you in the case of an emergency.

WhatsApp Group – Each minibus route operates a WhatsApp group in which the driver is Admin for. This group must only be used to communicate useful information which may help the driver and other parents, such as, temporary road works, diversions, road closures. Please do not put any personal information on this group, such as absences. This should all be communicated via the Kura app and personally to the driver. If you do not want to be part of the WhatsApp group, please [email protected]

Safety code for bus passengers – please see below the safety code which all pupils must adhere to:

  • Pupils must always wear seat belts and be facing forwards during journeys.
  • Pupils should no move around or undo seat belts during journeys.
  • Pupils should not be excessively noisy or play loud music games while on the buses.
  • Pupils should not shar headphones as this can be a safety risk.
  • Persistent offenders of bad behaviour will be referred to our Executive Head, Mrs Catterson and may result in withdrawal of the place.

Cancellation – A full terms notice in writing is required to withdraw a pupil from the service. Failure to prove said notice will incur in fees in lieu being charged.

This means that you will have to pay for an entire full term, even if you do not plan to use transport during that term.

‘A full term’s notice’ means that the cancellation is submitted on or before the first day of the preceding term

By accepting a place on the bus service, you are agreeing to adhere to the terms set out. Failure to meet these conditions set out in this document will result in action which may include the temporary removal from use of the bus service without any rebate of charges paid. In the case of very serious offences, the school reserves the right to permanently exclude a pupil from the bus service.