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Momentum is now Kura

Welcome to Kura, the UK market leader in safer, greener, smarter travel for schools and businesses

Kura’s parent company, Transport2, bought Momentum in 2019 and re-branded it to Kura in 2020.

Kura is a leading UK shared transport service provider, bringing together game-changing technology and a safer, smarter, greener vision to change the way people travel. We haveĀ 10+ years experience in corporate transport solutions, sourcing, delivering and managing Home to Work services, staff and contractor shuttles plus VIP transport for high profile transfers, events and tours.

If you are a business or a school needing tracking software or vehicle transport for hire, email [email protected] or alternatively call us:

Businesses or Companies Phone020 8154 1720

Schools or Colleges Phone020 8154 1726