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Entrust logo

Education Support Partner

Kura and Entrust have a long-standing partnership focused on providing high quality, value-for-money support services to schools, academy trusts and Local Authorities. With Kura acting as Entrust’s preferred transport partner schools receive great rates on transport for extra-curricular activities, residential stays and school trips – all across the UK.

Climate Impact Partners logo

Climate Partner

Every transport booking with Kura has the unavoidable carbon emissions calculated and offset as part of the service. The Climate Impact Partners portfolio Kura is helping to fund includes two world-leading clean cooking projects in Bangladesh and Ghana that deliver both environmental and social benefits.

Read more about the Net Zero transport partnership here.

Checkedsafe logo

Safety & Compliance Partner

By bringing together Kura’s expertise in passenger safety when wheels are in motion with CheckedSafe’s unrivalled compliance and monitoring the partnership delivers a holistic, market-leading passenger safeguarding and vehicle compliance package for education and business customers. The CheckedSafe solution means Kura customers running their own vehicles can carry out and oversee vehicle safety checks and provide legally compliant reporting.

Wayleadr logo

Last mile transport partner

One Kura coach replaces an average of 31 cars on the road. With a Kura shuttle UK employers can quickly reduce the number of employees driving to work, decreasing their carbon footprint and reducing the number of parking spaces required.

Wayleadr ensures that when employees do need to travel to the office they can easily book spaces in advance or check for free spaces in real time. This removes the administrative headache for site staff, reduces unnecessary journeys and drives down emissions.

Read more on how we're transforming the daily commute.

Stripe logo

Payments Partner

Kura has integrated the Stripe payment platform into its home to school and home to work shuttle software. Kura customers can quickly and easily set up their own Stripe merchant account to take payments from passengers - as customers own their account they receive funds directly and quickly to their bank account, reducing admin and ensuring prompt payment.

Find out more about the Kura app bookings and payment functionality.

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MIS Integration Partner

Kura partnered with Wonde, the Management Information Systems (MIS) integration specialists used by more than 20,000 schools to simplify the management of passenger information for schools, with Wonde providing a live link between their chosen MIS provider and the Kura app database.

The partnership reduces passenger administration, maintenance and initial set-up and ensures changes made in the MIS are reflected in the Kura database without the need for duplication or imports.

Read more about how the partnership works here.

Dont travel empty logo

Leisure transport partner

In 2020, Kura looked to focus on its products and services for School and Business customers. Kura made the decision to discontinue Leisure travel and expand thedevelopment team. However, it was and remains important to us that returning leisure customers requiring transport receive a service comparable to what they expect of us - so we partnered with Don't Travel Empty (DTE) to connect leisure travellers with high quality vehicle operators throughout the UK.

Don't Travel Empty lives up to its name by matching up vehicle operators with customer journeys when they might otherwise be traveling with an empty vehicle (e.g. between bookings), this reduces "dead mileage" bringing environmental benefits as well as great value for passengers.