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Kura Pay Features

Booking & payments

  • Configure & enable parent app booking & payments
  • Receive funds directly to your account
  • Powered by Stripe for world-class security
  • Bookers click to accept your Ts & Cs


  • Reconcile payments received with bookings made
  • Easily view passengers who travel without payment
  • Live passenger manifests to support safeguarding
  • View available capacity for new bookings

Pricing and configuration

  • Set min. and max. bookings to meet your existing policies
  • Configure prices by route or stop
  • Set discount values
  • Allow or disable single-journey bookings

In-app payments

The Kura parent app processes debit/credit cards at time of booking. Kura integrates with Stripe ensuring that customers receive funds directly and quickly to their bank account. As payment is taken at time of booking, cashflow is optimised and lag between travel and payment is removed.

Bookings report

A new report that details all bookings made in Kura. Bookings made by admins, students or parents are viewable & searchable. If payment and pricing are enabled you'll also see the booking price along with a unique booking reference that matches with payments in your Stripe account.

Zonal pricing

Simplifying the time-consuming process of reconciliation between payments and price. Users can now configure stops on a route as part of a zone, once zones have been defined the pricing can be set for transitions between zones. This gives flexibility for schools who charge on a distance from school model or a per route price.

Minimum bookings

A large proportion of our customers stated they needed controls over the flexibility of bookings to plan for and manage capacity effectively. So, we added the ability to configure a minimum number of bookings that could be made, allowing customers to enforce their existing booking policies.

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