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Referral terms and conditions

Kura Education Referral Scheme Terms and Conditions

Updated 11th May 2002.

  1. A referral is validated when the Contact signs a contract with Kura for any services or software with a minimum 12 months contractual term. The Referrer needs to have introduced the Contact to Kura by email in the 6 months prior to signing the contract.
  2. Once a referral is validated, both the Contact and Referrer will receive an email notification.
  3. The standard referral reward is £500 off the Referrer’s next Kura invoice or a donation to their charity of choice, and £500 invoice credit to their Contact.
  4. Referral rewards are variable. Kura reserves the right to withdraw or change the referral promotion at any time, with or without notice.
  5. Rewards can only be used to subsidise invoices or monies owed to Kura and cannot be exchanged for cash.
  6. The referred Contact must be from a school other than that of the Referrer.
  7. Check that your Contact is happy to hear about this offer from Kura before you refer them.
  8. Kura will withhold rewards if we reasonably suspect fraudulent activity. All decisions made by Kura regarding this offer are final.
  9. Kura employees or their family are not eligible for the referral scheme.
  10. This offer is not applicable where the Contact is, or has been at some previous time, a customer of Kura.