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Shuttles in 2 minutes

Watch our video to learn how a coach or minibus shuttle helps those employees without a car or access to public transport reach the workplace, increasing retention rate of existing staff and enlarging the catchment area for potential hires. It means your people arrive at work on time every day, stress-free and ready to work. This maximises their productivity, reduces your costs and boosts profits.

The tech to power productivity

Contact Kura to create your organisation and routes, enable registering for staff via your unique code, allow booking and (optional) payments.
These easy steps are all you need to benefit from:

  • Vehicle tracking

  • Capacity management (see available seats)

  • Advanced reporting

  • Duty of care reports - e.g speed of vehicle

Powered by the Kura app on iOS or Android, you only need a smartphone to get started on your existing service, or speak to us to include contracted vehicles and drivers.

Case studies

Vanderlande Staff Shuttles

Kura provided staff shuttles for Vanderlande workers to travel to a new fulfilment centre in Kent, quickly adapting to coronavirus restrictions.

Clipfine HS2 Teams Transport

Kura carries more than 200 Clipfine labourers between London construction sites daily and offers innovative software to track vehicles and passengers.

St Elizabeth’s Care Home Staff

Kura’s technology helps St Elizabeth’s care centre staff save time running their shuttle service, which enables employees to easily reach a rural workplace.

Constellation Catering Staff Shuttle

Kura has helped Constellation, part of The Compass Group, transport catering staff to a range of major UK sporting events by offering safer, greener, smarter transport

Shuttles benefit all stakeholders

Fill vacancies faster – Employee shuttles strengthen your employer brand, which attracts new workers. It also helps satisfy and retain employees which benefits productivity and reduces hiring costs.

Meet CSR goals – Corporate Social Responsibility is vital for all progressive employers. Workplace shuttles reduce your impact on the environment by reducing transport carbon emissions.

Open new recruitment catchment areas – Staff transport increases the size of the potential new candidate pool when recruiting, making the role more attractive, so helping speed up the hiring process.

Boost staff productivity – Employers funding a shuttle service benefit from better employee timekeeping by ensuring those without a car or access to public transport arrive on time, fresh and ready to work.

Save costs – Removing the stress of the daily commute helps retain skilled workers and reduces employee turnover. This minimises recruitment fees and lowers the costs of training new staff.

Reduce car parks/consolidate sites – A shuttle bus reduces parking issues (whether space or cost) & simplifies inter-site travel. Reclaimed land can be repurposed for more workspace or sold for incremental revenue.

Find out how Kura can help

Improved staff satisfaction, higher productivity and lower recruitment costs are just one form away

A shuttle will transform your business

With a workplace shuttle, you can say goodbye to skyrocketing recruitment costs and limited employment pools. By offering staff a convenient and comfortable daily commute, you can save on recruitment expenses and tap into a wider pool of job candidates. According to the CIPD, recruitment costs for non-senior management roles rose by 50% to reach £1,500 from 2021 to 2022. They suggest these can be mitigated through changing recruitment strategies, including considering a staff shuttles, which can elevate productivity, enhance employee wellbeing, and make a positive impact on the environment by reducing carbon emissions.