Kura reporting allows schools to act swiftly to protect students, parents and staff

Kura technology provides ready-to-use contact tracing reports to allow schools to take action swiftly when needed.

We’ve been working with schools, students and parents since the start of Lockdown to adapt our services to mitigate the threat of Covid-19. New boarding and alighting procedures and vehicle sanitisation between journeys as well as ensuring our processes fit with each school’s updated procedures have been vital for restoring parent confidence in the return to school. The goal has been to accomplish the return without parents resorting to their cars over greener alternatives in ever higher numbers – creating congestion and pollution hotspots outside school gates.

Even with these new measures the likelihood of an individual within the service ecosystem contracting the virus throughout their daily lives remains a threat and preventative measures must be backed up by corrective measures

In September, of the 300+ routes managed by Kura teams and technology and 7,500 students and staff traveling with us each day we received reports of only two passengers who were suspected of, or confirmed to have, contracted the virus. On receiving these reports our Kura Control Centre team followed the new protocols:

Once notified that a student had tested positive the Control Centre provided a contact report to identify those who travelled with the child, allowing the school to immediately inform their parents to take appropriate action. The Kura team notified the depot and driver, who was required to self-isolate for 14 days. All of these actions were completed within 60 minutes of initial notification.

As we attempt to navigate the threat of a second wave this winter, we thank our passengers, partners and staff for coming together to ensure others feel safe, especially when confidence in public transport remains low.

We can only beat this threat by constantly reviewing and improving our processes and through shared knowledge, so we have made our Covid-Safety processes freely available for all to download and employ.

We’re pleased to report that we have only received two confirmed or suspected positive cases to date, but we aren’t complacent and we’ll be working to update our processes (you’ll find version 4 on the above link) as the science, advice and external factors change.

School staff, Operators and Drivers all have a role to play and we’d love to hear from you about your experiences in order to refine and improve our processes together.