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Are your parents getting the safest, greenest, most efficient Home2School service?

Kura is driving the change, one school run at a time

Over half of parents we surveyed would find it reassuring to know exactly when their child arrived at and left school each day. And schools recognise the need to protect their pupils and ease congestion at peak times. But why settle for a simple shuttle service when you could be saving money and reducing your school’s carbon footprint, via a tailor-made, safety-first solution?  Safe, reliable, environmentally-friendly school-run transport has never been more in demand.

Why schools love us

Valued and Trusted Partner

A valued and trusted partner in the provision of school bus services. Their management of suppliers and communication with parents has been highly professional.”

J.K. Rea, Bursar, Chigwell School

Flexible and Cost-effective

The implementation of the scanning solution means that we can obtain accurate data which allows the College to record and bill accurately ensuring that we can continue to offer parents a flexible and cost-effective bus service.

Mark Lynch, Bursar, St Bede’s College Manchester

Powerful technology for unrivalled confidence

Kura harnesses powerful tracking and App technologies to provide a safer, greener and more intelligent school run service.

Head & heart

Protecting your students and helping the environment whilst economising: it sounds impossible, but we promise you it’s not. By optimising your home2school service, you’ll save money, eliminate unnecessary admin time, and provide a safe, reliable service that children and parents will appreciate.  Developed in partnership with parents, schools and pupils, and super-charged with intelligent technologies, no-one needs lose out with Kura:

Optimised routes

to keep costs to schools to a minimum, ensure a more practical and efficient service for parents and reduce carbon footprint.

Live route monitoring

tells you about delays in advance and sends notifications to parents and schools, reducing worry and enhancing pupils’ safety.

Dedicated account management team

to provide extra help & support to schools and parents – on hand every school day from 6am to 8pm. Ideal to handle any last-minute changes to plan!

Powerful Parent App

keeps parents & guardians informed of their children’s whereabouts – reducing calls to schools and increasing safeguarding schools’ credentials.

Kura-accredited drivers,

specially sourced from trusted operators, all with enhanced DBS checks and specialist Kura driver training – meaning parents & schools can feel confident of children’s safety.

Swipe-on, swipe-off tags

provide additional confidence because only approved children can board the bus.

Safeguarding your students

Children’s safety is our number one priority. Kura uses identification technology to ensure schools and parents are updated in real-time with pupils’ whereabouts:

Children are instantly recognised 

by Kura’s swipe-on, swipe-off tag.

Parents & schools are notified 

of any students not boarding as expected via the Kura App.

Parents & schools receive 

instant notifications of expected delays.

Primary drivers 

serve the same routes every day for extra security and to promote a safe environment.

Items left behind 

are held & returned to their owner next day.

Schools’ carbon footprints are reduced 

because running an effective Home2School service can save up to 5 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Information protection

Naturally, our commitment to safety and security covers the information that our systems and our App holds. No-one takes a more forensic approach to information protection: it’s all part of our service.

Password-protected App 

only available to parents and schools using Kura

Individual log-ins 

only provided on download/registration so only those you trust have access

Kura’s systems are regularly tested 

by independent experts to ensure data security

Enhance your green credentials

Schools that can prove their green credentials are highly attractive to prospective parents. Protecting our planet is a concern for everyone, so offering an efficient, effective Home2School shuttle service is a logical step. Reduce your school’s carbon footprint and boost your green credentials: with typical savings of up to 5 tonnes of CO2 per year per school, there’s even more reason to use Kura.

When will you join the school-run revolution?

Over 1000 schools have seen what Kura can do for them.

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