For the last few months leading transport technology specialist Kura has been offering schools free trials of its award-winning school transport technology. Demand from both independent schools and multi academy trusts has been high with organisations across England, Scotland and Wales signing up to the no-obligation, 90-day trial.

The offer includes access to Kura’s full suite of vehicle tracking, safeguarding and route management technologies, and all trial users have access to a dedicated Customer Success Manager to guide them and ensure they achieve their goals. We’ve seen that the improved Kura UI allows schools to set up a route in fewer than five minutes.

At the end of the 90 day period, there is no obligation to buy – should schools not see value for their operation they can simply discontinue and their data can be wiped for safety and security. If however, a school wishes to continue to use the software to improve control of home to school and trip journeys, the cost starts from just £1 per pupil per week.

Why a free trial?

The free software trial is designed to help school management teams show proof of impact before making important investment decisions on transport technology. By opening up easy access for schools to leading edge tech, Kura is removing the barriers between school budgets and the ability to offer a first-class transport service. In an ever more competitive market a modern, reliable transport service opens up new catchment areas whilst reducing school run congestion and emissions.

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What’s included?

Kura’s innovative smart registration software keeps track of exactly who has travelled on the bus each day, with powerful reporting allowing for capacity control and protecting revenue. All the tools of the full app are available during the trial to simplify admin, enhance route analysis and identify efficiencies and enable booking and payment for parents – you can even set zonal pricing.

Should you choose to roll out the Parent App you can empower parents, giving them visibility over when their children board and alight the service, how their child’s journey is progressing and the ability to book or cancel in line with your service terms.

Parents are safe in the knowledge that their child will be travelling with registered, pre-approved passengers, ensuring total pupil safeguarding and peace of mind.

Going greener

Kura’s goal is to remove thousands of cars from the road and around the school gates every day, improving pupil safety while significantly reducing schools’ collective carbon footprint. If 10 schools were to sign up to the trial this would equate to 50,000 kg of CO2 saved on average, through pupils and parents opting for shared school transport as opposed to low-occupancy cars. Each 49-seater coach also removes 31 cars from the road on average, accounting for thousands of car-led journeys being phased out in favour of greener alternatives.

Godfrey Ryan, CEO of Kura, said: “Since launching our software-only solution last year, Kura now transports over 15,000 students every day across more than 40 schools and MATs. We and our existing customers know the software’s power and the benefits it delivers so we are quietly confident that schools will stick with us having experienced it for themselves.”

Moreover, and in light of recent, global conversations around the environment and sustainability, we hope the trials will also reignite the case for getting more children to use shared transport to reduce the number of cars on the road and control levels of pollution.

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