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Environmental Policy

Kura Environmental Policy

As a leading UK shared transport service provider, Kura is considerate of the impact our business services have on the environment and recognises the need for environmentally friendly procedures across all of our operations.

As a result, Kura is committed to achieving the best possible standards in carbon emissions and we, as a company, commit to the following statements within this Environmental Policy:

  1. Kura is committed to doing our part to limit global temperature rises by 1.5°C by:
    1. targeting carbon neutrality during 2022 in partnership with Climate Impact Partners.
    2. working with our customers and suppliers to move towards reducing emissions to net-zero by 2030.
  2. Kura will continue to build on our relationship with Climate Impact Partners to offset the carbon emissions it produces, both as a business and through providing its service to customers, by supporting important global projects that both cut CO2 and improve people’s lives.
  3. Continue to partner with bus operators, wherever possible, that meet Euro VI standards resulting in lower nitrogen oxide (NOx), carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons.
  4. Through consultation with our landlord, continuously review our energy suppliers and, where possible, switch to a providers using 100% renewable energy.
  5. Continue to partner with bus operators who either have strong green initiatives/carbon off-setting in place and/or have made, or considering, the switch to electric/hydrogen-based vehicles.
  6. Continuously promote our green initiatives and our Carbon Neutral Programme to all our staff, school and corporate clients.
  7. Continuously educate staff on green initiatives they can easily adopt at home and during their commute to the office as well as during time spent in the office.
  8. Maintain an open channel of communications for all staff to communicate with the management group regarding the environmental impact of Kura.

As they become known, the company will consider other environmentally friendly practices taking into consideration both operations and governmental guidelines.

This policy will be maintained and displayed clearly on site at Kura’s office in Maidenhead.