Kura, the UK’s largest shared transport specialist, has announced it is partnering with Wayleadr, the expert in last mile automation. Wayleadr automates, allocates and optimises employee parking, removing guesswork from and saving time on every journey.

As one 49-seater Kura coach replaces an average of 31 cars on the road, through this partnership, UK employers can quickly reduce the number of employees driving to work in the peak, thus decreasing their carbon footprint and reducing the number of parking spaces required.

Wayleadr’s solution ensures that when employees do need to travel to the office,  they can easily book spaces in advance or check for free spaces in real time. This has huge benefits, such as removing the administrative headaches for office site staff, reducing unnecessary journeys and driving down emissions. Wayleadr, coupled with Kura’s shared transport solutions, mean reducing congestion around offices and business parks and bridging last mile transit gaps for a more sustainable commute.

In the UK, transport is responsible for emitting more greenhouse gases than any other sector*, three quarters of which come from road vehicles, especially cars. A commuter adjusting their behaviour by using last mile automation can therefore have a major impact on the environment and local congestion.

The combination of Kura and Wayleadr’s smart technology platforms deliver an end to end solution to the commuter problem. The benefits are far-reaching for all stakeholders: there’s cost savings for the employer; time savings and improved health and wellbeing for the employees; and less congested roads for the local community.

Godfrey Ryan, CEO of Kura, said: “Kura is excited to work with Wayleadr as we share a common vision for how employees will travel sustainably to their workplace. We already supply many leading UK companies with smart home to work shuttle buses that reduce business miles and are 100% carbon neutral. This partnership with Wayleadr is both smart and sustainable and reinforces commuting via shared transport as the progressive choice for both employer and employee.”

Val Cassidy, Head of Partnerships and Integrations at Wayleadr said: “We’re excited to partner with Kura to further bridge the last mile transit gap and make the planet a better place at the same time. We want to make it less stressful for employees to get to work, save them time and also help them reduce their carbon footprint. Kura shares this mindset so this partnership made a lot of sense!

*Source: https://www.epa.gov/ghgemissions/sources-greenhouse-gas-emissions

About Kura

Kura’s purpose is to enable safer, greener, smarter travel for all schools and businesses. Combining innovative proprietary technology with the best vehicle operators nationwide, Kura enables organisations to maximise the safety, wellbeing, and productivity of their students, customers and staff, whilst driving down transport costs and CO2 emissions.

About Wayleadr

Since 2016, Wayleadr has been leading the way in solving employee car space problems for employers all over the world. They are the #1 rated software in their category by users on Sourceforge, G2Crowd and Capterra, globally. With a client base ranging from Fortune 500s to small family businesses, Wayleadr is committed to unleashing the power of technology to give people a new way to commute, the planet a new way to move forward and the cars of tomorrow a new way to complete journeys. To learn more about Wayleadr, book your demo now at wayleadr.com/request-demo.