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About Us

We’ve always been crystal-clear about our vision.

A safe, reliable, environmentally-friendly school run service that works for everyone. It sounds so simple – so why wasn’t it already happening?

Designing the revolution

Talking with parents and schools helped us understand what’s missing from school travel today. Too many cars, too much stress… too little flexibility for students and parents… and too much admin for schools.  No-one seemed to have any control, or any time to re-think a better way. When we mapped out the basics, we saw what was missing: Transparency.

Students, parents and schools desperately needed transparency about the service they were getting. Were the children safe? Was the driver properly assessed and DBS checked for child safety? Were the costs really as competitive as they could be? What about emissions outside schools?

Finding the answers took time – but having now worked with 1,000 schools, and safely transporting over 7,000 pupils every day, we’re confident we’ve cracked it.

Transparency through technology

With technology as an enabler, we re-designed the whole school run experience from scratch, placing transparency at its heart. Now, parents and schools can check on students’ journeys to and from school via a free, secure App. Drivers can concentrate on what they do best, providing a safe, pleasant journey. Parents are notified of delays, or if their child hasn’t hopped on or off the bus when or where they should. Pupils can swipe on and off, with the additional safety of a driver that’s familiar to them and to the school. Routes can be optimised regularly to suit the schools’ and the students’ needs.

Transparency through technology is at the heart of our revolution – and the word is spreading far and wide.

Roots on the road

Kura may be a new name for many, but our roots go way back, and we’ve always been on the road. Our parent company,, has been operating since 2011, providing staff shuttles, conference & event transport and more. is a trusted transport provider for over 5,000 travel providers, serving customers in over 100 cities worldwide. Knowing the world of transport like we do, creating Kura was the next logical step for us.