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Brentwood School

Terms and Conditions of Service for Parents

By registering your child to the bus service you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. Please read the following carefully and ensure that you have understood and agree to the terms and conditions of service;

For Pupils

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  • Pupils should be standing at their pickup point at least five minutes before their scheduled departure time. The coach will not depart prior to the scheduled time, but will not wait for pupils arriving late for collection.
  • Pupils are required to use their allocated fob to ‘swipe’ on and off their coach for each journey taken.
  • For their own safety, pupils must remain seated at all times and must fasten their seat-belts whilst travelling.
  • Food and drink are not allowed to be consumed on the vehicle, with the exception of bottled water for hydration.
  • Personal property carried by the pupils remains their own responsibility at all times. Brentwood School and Kura take no responsibility for items left or lost whilst travelling on their coaches.
  • Pupils must be aware that the prevailing school rules and standards of behaviour apply in full whilst travelling on Brentwood School coaches. Drivers may report inappropriate or concerning behaviour to Kura, who shall raise these to the attention of the School. Breaches of school rules will be dealt with under the School’s internal procedures.

For parents

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  • When registering for Brentwood School coach services, parents are entering into an annual undertaking for the full academic year. For the parents’ convenience, this annual fee shall be drawn in termly instalments.
  • Communication regarding the service on a day-to-day basis should in the first instance be made directly to the dedicated Kura phone line; this is open from 7am to 7pm during term time.
  • The coach driver is responsible for the safe transport of pupils, and should not be approached. Any issues with the service or requests for changes to pick-up and drop-off times / collection points must be directed in writing to Kura.
  • Please be aware that some vehicles are fitted with CCTV cameras to moderate pupil behaviour. Footage may be used to support the School’s disciplinary process if it is required and may be used for the purpose of any request for insurance or law abiding purposes.
  • Records will be reviewed regularly by Kura and the school, and where students are making journeys for which they have not registered/paid, the Bursary shall follow this up with a request for; payment and; clarification about future usage.
  • The School reserves the right to cancel services in the event of severe weather conditions and upon the advice of Kura. Parents shall be advised of such cancellations via the Kura Parent App.
  • The School reserves the right to cancel any serviced route with reasonable notice, and no less than 1 term in advance, if the route becomes unviable or numbers fall below required levels.