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Customer Service Policy

This policy applies to Transport2 (UK) Limited trading as “Kura”.

We strive to deliver only the highest standards of service to our customers; however, we do appreciate that on occasion things may not go according to plan. This policy recognises that coaches, like all transport, can be delayed for reasons such as previous passengers running late, mechanical issues, traffic congestion, road traffic accidents and other issues in the normal course of business.

We will resolve any problems you may have encountered as quickly and efficiently as possible. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us improve our services and we greatly appreciate you taking the time to detail your journey experience in writing.

This document clearly sets out how we will manage your complaint and the service you can expect from us. It includes:

  1. How to make a complaint and who to contact
  2. How we will respond to your complaint and when you can expect to receive a response
  3. How we will manage your complaint fairly
  4. Compensation
  5. How we review and monitor feedback from our customers

1. How to make a complaint and who to contact

To ensure we can answer your complaint in a fair and efficient manner we kindly ask that you detail all your concerns in writing. Please be sure to include any photographic evidence and written correspondence with your email.

To contact us please email: [email protected]

2. How we will respond to your complaint and when you can expect to hear from us

Our Customer Service Team will investigate all concerns raised and respond in full once their investigation is complete. If a complaint relates to the actual service provision, we will contact our operator partner requesting an urgent investigation and a full report on the concerns raised.

Our full response to your complaint will include:

  • The outcome of any investigations we have made
  • The actions we have taken to remedy the source of your dissatisfaction and measures we have taken to ensure there is not a reoccurrence of events
  • Any compensation offered in accordance with our terms and conditions

When you can expect to receive a response:

  • You will receive an immediate automated response to your email detailing your reference number from our ticketing system.
  • We will acknowledge your complaint by the next working day
  • We aim to receive reports from our partners within five to seven working days
  • We aim to respond fully to all complaints within ten working days

If you have not received a full response within ten working days we will ensure you are kept up to date with the progress of your case and will continue to update you every ten days until a full response is provided.

3. How we will deal with your complaint fairly:

  • We will consistently follow our customer complaints handling procedures
  • We will fully investigate all complaints made to us, including obtaining reports from our operator partners, when applicable
  • We will address all issues raised with due diligence
  • We will provide full and relevant explanations for any actions or policies which have presented cause for concern wherever possible

If you are less than satisfied with our first response your complaint will be escalated to our Customer Service Manager for their consideration.

4. Compensation

Any compensation offered is subject to the outcome of our investigation into your complaint. Levels of compensation are calculated from our published table of compensation which clearly outlines what recompense will be offered in relation to service incidents. This table forms part of Kura’s terms and conditions that are typically emailed to you with your booking confirmation and can also be viewed on our website.

5. How we review and monitor complaints

Our Customer Service Manager supports their team in investigations into complaints to ensure our customers are receiving the service they expect. Escalated complaints are managed by our Customer Service Manager with the support of our Head of Customers. Responses are regularly reviewed to ascertain that we are handling complaints efficiently and that customers are satisfied with correspondence from us.

The data from all complaints is collated and analysed to identify areas for improvement and monitor the efficiencies of our internal processes. The Kura Customer Service Team is accountable for ensuring the voice of our customers is heard by our Senior Leadership Team with feedback being shared at weekly meetings.

We completely understand that you may feel angry or upset if a journey has not gone as expected and whilst we respect the rights of our customers to express their views it is important to note that Kura operates a zero-tolerance policy to abusive, aggressive or unreasonable behaviour towards any team member. We reserve the right to terminate verbal or written communication which is deemed to be vexatious or abusive.