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Evening Gridlock

7:30PM Tuesday Evening

A Road Traffic Collision occurred on a major road, bringing all traffic to a standstill whilst emergency services attended the scene.The school bus was stuck in the traffic jam with no room to turn around.

This is a true story, and illustrates how Kura can assist schools in managing a crisis situation.

Raising the issue

During any incident communication is key. The driver notified the Kura Control Centre via the app that the vehicle was stuck and unsure of when they might be on the move again. Had they not done so, the system would have raised the alarm at our Centre automatically after the vehicle showed as a set number of minutes behind schedule.

Swift, Direct Communication

Whilst monitoring the situation, the Kura team messaged the parents of those students still aboard via a push notification to their phones. Unlike group messaging services, the Kura portal can filter out the parents of students who have already disembarked to ensure clarity of communication, only to those who need it. This feature is also available to schools who use the technology in-house to manage their own services.

Peace of mind

The Kura Control Centre team liaised with staff, driver and parents to keep everyone up-to-date as the situation developed until 11pm. Should they have agreed that students should make their own way home the app flags to the driver any students who must be accompanied by an adult before being released.

Parents tracked the vehicle from the app and were notified when traffic had cleared and it could safely resume the route, ensuring all students could make it safely home.

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