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Parents/guardians must register/re-register pupils each year for the bus service, using the Kura App. Booking windows and registration periods will be communicated throughout the year.

Parents/guardians accept that bookings are for the entire school year.

Journeys booked but not taken are non-refundable. Any journey cancelled, ad hoc, via the App, will not reduce the amount charged. Cancellations must be made in line with the cancellation policy set out below.

The School offers bus service bookings on a first come first served basis. Although the School will do its utmost to accommodate all requests for use of the service, the School has no obligation to increase capacity on any route

Amendments or cancellations

Any amendments to pupils’ journeys should be made directly via the Kura App.

Parents/guardians wishing to withdraw their children from the service entirely must provide a full term’s notice, by email to [email protected], and copied to [email protected] or forfeit the full term’s charges in lieu.

For example, if you chose to cancel the service on the 1st of November 2024 you are liable to use and pay for the service up to Easter 2025. Please note the School is unable to make exceptions to this rule.

Use of the service

Pupils must ensure they travel on the route for which they are registered

All Junior pupils must be met by a responsible adult when disembarking from the coach on the PM service. Parents of pupils in year groups L3 and U3 can opt out from this requirement by requesting that Kura removes the ‘must be met’ tag from their child’s name. Parents must email Kura at [email protected] to request this. All pupils whose parents requested the removal of the ‘must be met’ tag last year will remain opted out for this upcoming year.

Pupils must carry their fob pass when travelling.

Parents/guardians are asked to remind their children that when travelling on the School buses they remain bound by the School’s Behaviour Policy.

Parents/guardians are asked to remind their children that they must abide by the School’s bus travel Code of Conduct.

Changes to use of the service

Any changes to a pupil’s use of the School Bus Service (for example: frequency, route, home pick-up stop) must be made via the Kura App

The School reserves the right to make route alterations after publication but will provide notice of any such action.


The 23/24 cost for each route will be £860.00 per term.

The 24/25 cost for each route will be £905.00 per term.

Please note this charge is applicable even if you only use the bus one way.

The school reserves the right to pass on additional fuel surcharges should Diesel prices exceed the agreed contract with operators as of 1st September 2024.

Contact numbers

If you have an urgent query about your child’s bus route during live service, then please contact the Kura control centre on 020 3326 2256 This number is staffed from 06:30 in the morning to cover travel into the school. It is also covered until 19:00 during the school
to home run during term-time.

If your enquiry is not of an urgent nature please email us at [email protected]

Lost property

Should a pupil leave any item on a school bus then parents should contact Kura either via email: [email protected] or by phone: 020 3326 2256 to report the loss providing the bus route and a description of the item(s).

Kura will contact the appropriate bus company to find out if the item has been found. Pupils can then pick up the item on the next run.

Pick up by parents at home stops

Younger children must be met by a parent/carer at the home stop drop-off. In such cases, should a parent not be at the stop when the bus arrives the bus will wait a few minutes and the driver will then contact Kura. The bus driver will continue to do the other drop-offs and bring the child back to School. Kura will inform the School and the parents will be informed. The parent will then need to collect the child from School.

Pupil Code of Conduct

Pupils must:

  • Be ready to board at the allotted time standing at the bus stop. If late, the bus will be unable to wait
  • Travel on their designated bus only
  • Carry their pass at all times and produce it when asked by a driver or member of staff
  • Be polite and respectful to the driver and all other passengers at all times
  • Follow any instruction from the driver without question – it is for their safety and the safety of others
  • Stay in their seats with seat belts fastened
  • Look after their belongings and keep them in a safe place
  • Take litter off the bus
  • If they see someone behave badly on the bus, inform the school or their parents. The driver’s role is to drive the bus safely and not to be responsible for dealing with any poor behaviour unless it affects safety
  • Make sure any necessary medication is taken before leaving home or school


Pupils must not:

  • Shout, use bad language or make signs out of the window
  • Start arguments or engage in verbal bullying
  • Engage in fighting or ‘play fighting’
  • Distract the driver except in an emergency
  • Eat or drink on the bus
  • Take part in any other anti-social behaviour
  • Leave any items on the bus
  • Ask to be dropped off anywhere other than their agreed stop

Covid-19 Mitigation Management

Bus related guidance will be monitored and any changes or adjustments to the use of the bus service will be communicated to parents/pupils accordingly.